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The Roto Ecobox is a one piece rotationally moulded tank, manufactured in polyethylene. The tanks are very strong and robust due to the ribbed design, rectangular shape and flat base. In addition to this, the tanks are supplied with a telescopic neck giving adjustable inverts from 500mm to 750mm as well as a 270-degree adjustable inflow elbow and a 600mm diameter locking cover, all adding to a fast and easy installation.

The Ecobox is compliant to EN12566-3 and is available in 2 sizes, 2-6PE and 9PE. These can be connected to each other for future growth.

Sustainable, Reliable, Affordable!

How does the EcoBox work?

Using SBR technology, wastewater is treated in batches, resulting in consistently high levels of cleaning. Controlled by a factory preset computer control panel, comprising of a controller, 4 magnetic valves, a silent, energy efficient compressor and colour coded air hoses, the system operates 4 cycles per day comprising of 6 stages. As a result of the system operating in cycles, the compressor runs less than other systems, thus lower running costs and power consumption, consequently saving money.

Each cycle consists of six stages:

  • Wastewater enters and settles in the first chamber
  • Airlift transfers sewage from chamber 1 to chamber 2 (aeration chamber)
  • Aeration – air is circulated in the chamber via membrane diffuser on base of tank
  • Sedimentation – treated wastewater is separated from sludge – no aeration
  • Treated wastewater discharged from aeration chamber via sampling chamber
  • Activated sludge returned to chamber 1

Ecobox Control System

A plug and play system controlled by a factory preset, user-friendly controller. In addition to its large LCD display screen, another key feature is the audible and visual alarms.

The lockable control cabinet, designed for both internal and external use, is a two part moulding for either wall mounting or floor mounting. It incorporates a rather clever viewing panel, thus eliminating housing removal for viewing the controller.

EcoBox Options

  • Options include adjustable neck extensions for deeper invert levels
  • Vehicle rated locking access covers
  • Control cabinet stand
  • D-Pac automatically controls the fully biological wastewater treatment process. It switches your system to holiday or savings mode as required and continuously monitors it for faults and documents the operation with an external storage device. (Note: D-Pac required if purchasing RoWeb remote control)
  • Optional remote control by the RoWeb web application remote control provides total control of the system, giving peace of mind. (Note: D- Pac required when purchasing remote control)


Manufactured in polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable and ribbed for reinforcement. Roto supply the EcoBox rotomoulded tanks are one-piece up to 6,000 litres and have 2 x 600mm diameter plastic covers with a seal and four stainless steel screws, making them watertight. The Roto tank wall thickness ranges from 8-14mm to give the tank its stiffness.


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