Roto Shafts


Roto shafts have been developed to exceed the most demanding technical regulatory requirements, providing the best solution on the market. The shafts are lightweight and designed for durability and long life. We rotomould the shafts in one-piece which ensures the highest possible level of strength and maximum quality. The shafts can allow pipe fitments of 110mm to 1200mm and can be cut to size on site to make sure of the correct fitment.

Type of Shafts

Roto have a range of shafts for every application. They are supplied in many variations with and without thermal isolation to protect from the coldest winters. The Roto shafts are suitable for:

  • Cable Shafts
  • Water Meter Shafts
  • Water Shafts
  • Gravity Shafts & Sand Traps
  • Sewage Shafts
  • Manhole Shafts with flat bottom


Shafts are produced according to the EU standard 13598-2 and EN476.


Roto use polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable and a cost-effective alternative to concrete shafts. The material makes the shafts lightweight but tough due to the reinforced ribs which prevent the deformation of the shaft. On a selection of shafts we also install an EPS isolation cover along with a plastic and cast iron lid for thermal qualities and safety.


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