Rocko Rainwater Harvesting


Rocko underground and above ground tanks have been developed to exceed the most demanding technical regulatory requirements, providing the best water storage solution on the market. We use only virgin materials that are suitable for clean water storage. Rocko tanks are available in standard capacities from 1,200L to 10,000 litres – larger volumes can be achieved by connecting several tanks together; so for example, we are able to connect 5 x 10,000L giving the customer 50,000 litres. Due to the Rocko tank being able to be placed above ground, it has a flat bottom with anchoring points.


Manufactured in virgin polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable and ribbed for reinforcement. Roto supply the Rocko rotomoulded tanks in one-piece up to 10,000 litres and have a 600mm diameter plastic cover – which can be upgraded to 800mm diameter – with a seal and four stainless steel screws, making them watertight. Inflow and outflow connections can be configured to the customers’ requirements from DN50 to DN160. The Roto tank wall thickness ranges from 8-14mm to give the tank its stiffness.

Sustainable, Reliable, Affordable!

Why Collect Rainwater?

  • Water has become a valuable commodity. Climate change has altered the pattern of rainfall leading to shorter, heavier bursts of rain that pose major risks to the current drainage infrastructure.
  • Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important and there is a growing public awareness of the contribution that a good building design can have to help reduce pollution and improve the environment.
  • Roto rainwater harvesting systems can reduce a domestic houses’ reliance on mains water by up to 50%.
  • This in turn lowers the household water bill – saving you up to 50% on your bills.
  • The system that pays for itself – money saved through reduced water bills means the Roto Rocko rainwater harvesting system can pay back its’ purchase costs.


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