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The Roto mounting block & jump block range have been designed to give you multiple options for use. We have designed the jumps and steps in a robust polyethylene which has been tested to extreme temperatures so that when winter comes, you will have no concerns about its performance.

As part of the range, you can have the mounting block supplied with or without an hatch. If you opt for the hatch, the inside of the mounting block is fully enclosed so that your food, phone or paperwork will not get wet. Both options allow you to change the jump height to suit the rider’s needs. The jumping block used on its own will give you 3 adjustable heights and the mounting step offers you 6 adjustable heights, along with option of mounting your horse safely.

Both the jumping blocks and mounting blocks come with an extended guarantee, as we believe in the quality and durability of each item.


The jumping blocks and mounting blocks are produced by rotomoulding – this process takes around 45 minutes from start to finish and we hand finish the trays before they leave our factory to make sure the quality and look is 100%.


We use a material called polyethylene, which is UV and shock resistant, non-toxic and recyclable, offering the customer peace of mind. We test our product to the extreme so that when winter arrives, you will not have to worry about the product becoming brittle or cracking.


Roto offer a range of colours to suit you. We supply all standard colours, but if you wanted something a little different, this is always possible – the colours are endless.


Like many companies, you want to create a product that has your own style and branding. At Roto, we are happy to help develop this with you and include your branding into the product.

Bespoke Products

Why not come to Roto with your ideas of a product. We have a 2m x 1m 3D printer in-house, supported by a team of experts that will bring your ideas to life from start to finish.


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